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Scraped Tablet

Now what?

I have no clue. Blah. I can't see the path for the cobblestones.

Om nom nom

Cadbury Cream Eggs.

That is all.

Nothing to see here.



Life is skittles.

Okay, not really. The Drama-train collided in two directions at my doorstep over easter weekend. Two of my good (female) friends had their douchebag boyfriends dump them. Again. I've been doing a moderately concerned job of keeping things together for them. Considering one is an hour away and the other is in Ohio I'm just glad they didn't both happen on the same day or I'd have been in over my head.

I do what I can. I'm told I'm too kind.

No such thing.

Otherwise, I have creme eggs.

Life is skittles.

At least now we know heaven will have D&D

So, went and passed out last night. Forgot to try and post.

Did not go for Sushi today, aiming to do that Monday instead so I can hopefully pass Turn Coat off to Tina. I think she's supposed to be back from her break by then. WSS.

Also working with Max on a little something. So, I do have something to do while I'm at work today, here's to hoping I don't crap out on him again. Blah!

In worse news Dave Arneson has gone the way of THAC0, may Gygax rest his soul.

Damnit Morgan!

Alright, so, I ripped through Turn Coat like a wind storm through a dusty mesa.

Lots of intensity. Lots and lots of death. OMG Death. Why is it, when I'm in one of these moods a book ends up being rather harsh? Oh well, good book. Opens and closes with D&D. Woo.

Still in a bit of a mood, but I am feeling quite better about things sum total. Less consumed and more just set-upon by the imps of frustration, depression, and loneliness.

I was going to write a list of "Good Notes" but I don't particularly have a lot to list. Then again I can't really list bad things either so there's that.

Ah well.

We'll see how things go.


Another night another post, this likely won't be a reoccurring theme but my mood has not really improved.

I'd say it'd gotten worse but I'm not sure about that either. I'm hurting a tad, but that's more disappointment than anything I guess. I'm getting that feeling I had the last time I threw a fit online.

I'd say I need a shoulder to cry on, but I don't really have anything to cry about. Just frustration and a blustery isolation.

I was told to Post

Given, that was a couple of weeks ago and all, but still.

At the risk of being all fifteen shades of emo I'm using Alice again as I am once again on a downswing. It's been a pretty crappy week at work what with Spring Break et al and my empathy doing it's best to kick me when I'm down.

So. Right. Me, bad mood, posting.

Maybe I'll do this again at some point.

We shall see.

There is a Season

I promise, I'll get to the thing I posted last as soon as I can figure out proper answers for everyone who posted. One of the problems with being a Libra is a strong sense of wanting to be even-handed. Also, I wanted to try and get this posted before I a) Forgot and b) lost the nerve.

Not to put too fine a point on it but, I am a lonely person.I am Lonely

To wit. For the most part I do not mind being the person everyone comes to when there are problems afoot. In fact, I do get a sort of cathartic joy from being a trusted soul and having people trust me with this sort of information. Secrets, relationship problems, worries, joys. They all come to me, some in trickles and others deluges of information spouted at a moments notice like old faithful. However, each bit of information refines and shows me a mirror. Shows me things I do not have. Things I had at one time and I miss dreadfully. Especially during this season. Fall is a terrible time for me, as much as I love it I am filled with a cold bitterness. Sometimes it even hurts.

I don't even know where that was going. I had another thing, I was going to talk about all the fine lovely ladies that use me and talk to me and how that also reminds me of this solemn road I tread... but I forget where that was going to start. Suffice that I would wish them no fate but that which they chose, especially those who seem so happy and content with where they are going even if there are troubles that they bring to me. Also something about the fact that no matter what small candles may burn in my heart that they seem better off where they are. I don't remember now, it's a blur. That's what I get for doing all my hard thinking while laying in bed while lappy is across the house.
Sorry that entire paragraph was... well, crap. Pity Party bullshit. It probably could've gone something more like: "I was going to say something to all of the lovely ladies that use me as a source of consolation and advice..." Or somesuch. That was awful though and I am sorry.


This is no one's fault, so there should be no sorrows felt by any of you who use me as their sounding boards. I am still here to be talked to, do not feel pity for me. Had I a choice I would do this for a living. Perhaps, rather, had I a choice and the proper professional training. Just sometimes the well must empty itself.

This was sortof an embarassment, I'm leaving it up for my own shame.

Oct. 12th, 2008

Comment and I will... cause I said I would

a) Tell you why I friended you.

b) Associate you with something -- a fandom, song, color, photo, etc.

c) Tell you something I like about you.

d) Tell you a memory I have of you.

e) Ask you something I've wanted to know about you

f) Tell you my favorite userpic from your list

g) In return, you need to post this on your own LJ.